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sciXplorer is operated and maintained by Science Association for the New Millennium, short name Scienca. It is an evolving science encyclopedia.

SCIENCA also operates and maintains, a science portal with open-access & open-review (OAOR). Scienca is created to address the needs of many creative individuals who want OAOR for their scientific work products. SCIENCA believes that through the process of OAOR good scientific ideas/results will survive but bad ones will simply "die" similar to what happens under Darwin's theory of evolution. The exploratory work on the feasibility of such an institution has been conducted by Huping Hu, Ph.D., J.D.

SCIENCA shows great respects to all scientifically creative individuals. SCIENCA is an archive/portal with equal access and equal review rights where scientists and other learned individuals archive their papers and express their views on equal footing. In doing so, SCIENCA hopes that it will be able to speed up the progress of science and let " a hundred flowers blossom" instead of a few.

Scienca is sponsored by QuantumDream, Inc. For questions, comments and suggestions, please e-mail us at You can also reach us through voice/fax at 212-898-1103.

Snail Mail: Scienca, c/o QuantumDream, Inc., P O. Box 267 Stony Brook, NY 11790-0267

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